The Saying Goodbye Project is part of Kingston Bereavement Service, a registered charity based in Kingston upon Thames which offers a support and counselling service for adults.

The project supports children and young people who have been bereaved of someone close and who live or study in the borough of Kingston upon Thames.

We are able to offer the following services:

  • One to one bereavement counselling and support for children and young people
  • Information and advice for children and young people, their parents and carers
  • Information, advice and consultancy for teachers, social workers, health service staff, and other professional and social groups who work with children and young people.






At this time of year many young people will be making the transition from primary to secondary school. This can be a time of challenge and change, as young people contemplate the loss of the comforting  familiarity of primary school mingled with the anticipation and excitement as they approach the next stage in their school life.


If you are making this move, check out our Young People's section for more information and helpful tips.


GOOD LUCK as you start the new term!